Energy is fundamental to economic growth and environmental sustainability. Access to affordable, reliable and sustainable energy is vital to ending extreme poverty and promoting shared prosperity. The Suntuity Foundation strives to raise awareness as a first step to help make affordable energy access a reality.

 Almost a quarter of humanity (approx. 1.1 Billion people) currently lacks access to power with a majority of it being concentrated mostly in Africa and southern Asia.

About 2.9 billion people rely on wood/charcoal or bio mass as their primary source of fuel resulting in indoor and outdoor air pollution attributable for 4.3 million deaths each year.

Energy poverty is an issue with a global footprint, which requires awareness to effect change, one household at a time.

Raising Awareness to the facts and solutions is the first step in this journey.

Join us in our fight against Energy Poverty and effect change in the lives of billions.

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