With Solar Power Plants, Project Development is the first and possibly the most critical step that can be the difference between a successful project and a failure. Suntuity’s Project Development teams boast over 100 years of cumulative Project Development experience and have developed over 200 MWp of solar projects in numerous regulated environments, worldwide.

At Suntuity, we realize that financing is key to the successful deployment of Solar Power Plants. Cost of capital is the single largest contributor to reducing the Levelized Cost of Energy from a solar power plant through its operating life. Suntuity offers integrated and unique financing solutions and innovative deal structures to cater to the needs of our projects and customers.

Suntuity provides guidance and engineering support through the various engineering stages of a Solar Power Project. With in-house design and engineering expertise that delivers across the residential, commercial, utility solar and micro-grid spectrum, our engineering teams are well positioned to take on challenges in various countries and US states.

Suntuity has manufacturer-direct relationships and volume discount pricing with some of the most reputable companies in the solar and electrical industry. We are technology agnostic and manufacturer neutral and our customers benefit from our growing pipeline of global solar projects that drive down procurement costs even further.

Suntuity organizes the complete range of logistics services related to our customer procurement needs. Combined with our global solar distribution and logistics services, Suntuity provides a dependable presence that exceeds industry expectations and can truly deliver Just-in-Time.

The Suntuity construction teams have world-class construction capabilities and have built and managed solar power plants in a multitude of challenging environments in various markets around the globe. We leverage industry leading construction processes and techniques for seamless on-budget and on-time delivery of solar projects.

Suntuity provides its customers complete Solar Operations & Maintenance Services that are well beyond the capabilities of most EPC companies. As global solar portfolios continue to grow with assets that are fairly dispersed, O&M is critical to the monetization of projected power plant service life and revenues.

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