April 1st 2014

Press Release published by Suntuity

Holmdel, NJ. 1 April, 2014: Suntuity is pleased to announce a strategic alliance with Nanergy for the Research and Development of power storage solutions.

As part of the strategic alliance, Suntuity will assist in the development and integration of hybrid deep cycle storage solutions and incorporate storage into its renewable energy offerings for its residential and commercial & industrial customer base. With the enhanced use of NiFe battery technologies, the storage solutions are anticipated to last as long as the solar solutions themselves and exceed 10,000 cycles during the useful life of the batteries.

About Nanergy Solar

With a corporate charter to participate in the Solar PV energy business with a vertically integrated operation that includes R&D, Nanergy Solar is well-positioned to deliver cutting edge technologies that radically change the way we look at the energy space today. With an executive management team that consists of industry pioneers, Nanergy’ s business philosophy and focus on social values manifests itself on eliminating an unnecessary third step in the distribution chain that the third party installers and finance companies represent. For additional information, please visit; http://www.nanergysolar.com

About Suntuity

With a strong portfolio and a global solar pipeline, Suntuity develops, finances and delivers solar energy solutions in markets around the world. From roof-top and off-grid projects to utility and commercial projects, Suntuity is strategically positioned to deliver across the range of technologies that make Solar Power a viable energy alternative today. Using innovative financing solutions, in-depth technical expertise, global experience and embedded process knowledge, Suntuity delivers Best-in-Class products and solutions that continue to push the boundaries on reduced time and cost to delivery with an ever increasing benchmark in system performance. For additional information, please visit; http://www.suntuity.com


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