April 26th 2016

Press release published by Suntuity Network

Raritan Township, NJ. 26 April 2016:  Construction work will begin shortly after 2 years of planning on a new power plant that could provide up to 3,500,000 kWh electricity per year to the local grid. The solar power plant is located off River Road in Flemington, NJ, and is scheduled to commence operation in the fall of 2016.

The plant will feed power into the electrical grid with a capacity equivalent to the electricity consumption of 227 typical homes per year.  The new plant will sequester carbon the equivalent of up to 1350 acres of U.S. forests each year.

A two-year process of planning and sourcing the best and most cost-effective solution culminated in a unanimous vote of approval by the Raritan Township Municipal Board in November 2015. Since then, design work has commenced on the project’s blueprint.  At the same time, component selection has begun. New Jersey continues to be the second largest producer of clean solar energy in the U.S. and this plant adds to its leadership position. SNNJ1 a Suntuity subsidiary is the owner and operator of the Raritan Solar Project.

Suntuity Group of companies CEO, Dan Javan, said: “The Raritan Fischer Solar power plant has been designed to ensure it will be a reliable and world-class facility. A lot of hard work went into assessing the best solution that would meet Raritan Township and the plant’s specific requirements – technology which has been tested and proven in other complex operations around the world. This is another example of the value of working in partnership with our global partners to bring in the required expertise and advanced technologies required to help build this project.”

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