Leading the charge in environmental stewardship, the Suntuity Group of companies are driven by the need to make a difference in the lives of people globally through the use of innovative energy products and services. We are passionate about our contribution to a world that utilizes energy sources that are environmentally friendly, sustainable and achievable without conflict.

Our Values

As an organization, our core values are driven by a desire to reduce our dependence on the earth’s limited natural resources and improve our ability to build sustainable renewable energy solutions. These are not values that change from time to time, situation to situation or person to person, instead they are the underlying culture that is imbedded within our company. This is directly reflected in our innovative approach to delivering solutions for our customers and partners. From the efficiency of our product offerings to the efficiency of our solutions, efficiency is key to the success of our organization.

Our core values are as follows:

  • Sustainability in our practices and solutions
    Our innovation and growth stems from leveraging sustainable business practices and technology solutions. People, Planet and Profit play an integral part in our business decisions.

  • Operating with Ethics and Integrity
    We act ethically and honorably and are committed in all that we do both internally and externally; from our employees and contractors to our customers and partners.

  • Building Trust with our Customers and Partners
    We work together with our Customers and Partners to create an inclusive culture built on trust, respect and dignity for all.

  • Providing Innovation in everything we do
    Innovation is key to our success. We are constantly pushing the boundaries on sustainable innovative techniques for increased efficiency and performance.

  • Access for all through our innovating financing options
    Our innovative finance engines allow us to reach a customer base that is well beyond the means of most of our competitors.

  • Creating Diversity and Teamwork within our organization
    Diversity is one of our organization's greatest assets. Our team members come from various walks in life which in turn allows us to serve a diverse and multicultural customer base.


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